home theatre gouging

Those in the know will know that Grandpa Richard Speaks is built on an awesome piece of software called WordPress. It makes life so much easier than the raw HTML days. Ya, it also can restrict life online, but I think the positives outweigh the negatives.

By the way, WordPress is free!!!

WordPress was started by a young fella named Matt Mullenweg. I was scanning through his blog today and came upon this quote.

Finally, home theatre needs disruption — this is a land of $200 Monster HDMI cables and similar gouging that functions like a state lottery, an intelligence tax. When I walk through Best Buy, which I try to do once every few months, it feels like it’s technology at its worst, the magic of progress used as smoke and mirrors to confuse and dupe consumers rather than make their lives better.

How true!!!

How about a replacement battery charger for the batteries for my camcorder? The salesman replies, “About $200”.

Grandpa Richard chokes and sputters and goes home to a Chinese supplier based eBay and gets one for 10% of that. Sure, it is not as good, and sometimes they sputter and smoke and you throw them out. But, come on, $200???


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  1. Bruce says:

    My cat ate the proprietary USB cable to download pictures from my Canon camera. Replacement cost: $50 (and a cat)

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