How Big Is The Canadian Public Service?

There are, generally speaking, three layers of government here in Canada. Federal, Provincial, and Municipal. How many employees do they all have?


That number by itself does not say anything. How many Canadians are in the labour force?


That means that just a bit more than 1 in every 5 Canadians (21.6%) is a public servant.

Further … a year earlier there were 3,350,000 public servants, which means that we increased the number of government workers by almost 9% in a single year! My sources did not state this outright, but I am guessing that those numbers do not include consultants, which there can be a fair number of.

Did you detect any improvement in efficiency at City Hall?

You may ask what news story got me writing this post. Here is part of the first paragraph of said story. It can be read in its entirety (well worth the read) at The Globe and Mail’s online edition.

For the past five years, a life-size fibreglass cow has stood – on guard, between two Canadian flags – atop the low-rise Cheddar Et Cetera cheese shop in the suburban area of Orleans (population: 100,000). One person complained. As apparently required by policy, City of Ottawa bylaw enforcement officers served notice on the proprietor: The cow had to go. Ottawa’s bylaws do not authorize cows on rooftops – either as signs or as urban sculptures.

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