How Much Do Aboriginal Leaders Earn?

I believe that in any society it is important to have financial transparency at the leadership level. That includes inside Canadian Aboriginal societies. The people of any and every society have a right to know how the money is being spent.

The Canadian government has proposed a new law to force this. They say it is at the request of the Aboriginal people.

Chiefs from across Canada have voted for voluntary public disclosure. “We do not support unilateralism that further entrenches us in a system that doesn’t work for our people or Canada,” Mr. Atleo (AFN National Chief) said. The government must learn to respect first-nations jurisdiction, he said.

This writer’s thoughts? If the AFN chiefs say they have voted for public disclosure, then do it. Be proactive. Beat the government to the finish line and get the respect of both your own people, and the other citizens of Canada. What is stopping you?

Tory bill aims to bring aboriginal leaders’ salaries into public spotlight “First Nations support and are committed to the principles of accountability and transparency to our citizens,” AFN National Chief Shawn Atleo said in a statement released shortly after Aboriginal Affairs Minister John Duncan unveiled the details of …

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