I am a Numbers Guy

Have you seen the trailers for that new movie where the young man is a numbers whiz. He is working in retail and a customer asks him to work up some numbers on a group of purchases and the kid does it standing there, without a calculator. The couple look stunned when he is done, and he explains that he has this way with math. I forget what the movie is named!

Anyhow, while not as good as the character in the movie, I am quite good with basic arithmetic, even challenging cashiers at grocery stores. (Once they examine the tape output, I have won every time!!)

A cell phone salesman called me tonight to discuss renewal of my contract. I asked for some options over my current plan, and he read off some data. I concluded by suggesting that my current plan was $3 cheaper, and he suggested one of the new plans was cheaper. It then took me about 5 minutes to convince him of his error. I could hear his calculator being typed on, and all I used was my head. He barely acknowledged that I was correct, and he did not apologize for his insistence that he was correct, when in fact he was not.


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