I Cried Myself to Sleep

Bus blown up on Hulk 2 Movie set

Well, not exactly cried.

I took the above photo of a horrific accident late yesterday evening. A city bus blown apart, and, slightly visible on the right, a vehicle on its side and a small car partially crushed. This happened near the corner of John and Main, a main intersection in downtown Hamilton. I have emailed the photo and a brief synopsis of what I saw to a number of friends and co-workers. Then I laughed myself to sleep.

Perhaps none of them were fooled by my nasty trick. The photo is real and untouched, and there were real flames. The trick part is that it is a scene from the upcoming Hulk 2 movie, which has at least some of its filming being done just blocks from my apartment.

He he he.


  1. VS says:

    hey, that was mean…you had me going there for a while.

  2. gbg says:

    My wife guessed it was a movie. I then studied the picture and noticed a pretty relaxed police officer and a New York City label on the bus.

    I also checked the news headlines and found nothing.