Internet Competition

One of the first comments in the article in The Toronto Star about Internet Download Caps is …

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) decision has sparked outrage across the country with Canadians rushing to sign petitions asking the Conservative government to reverse it.

Well of course it sparked outrage. Taxes spark outrage just as much if not more. Cost of gas sparks outrage. Anything that raises costs sparks outrage.

But from this Grandpa’s point of view, the supplier’s costs are going up. Why shouldn’t they be allowed to raise prices?

With the advent of downloadable movies, the Internet companies have had to spend more to make it possible to move way more info. The average person may not understand it, but an average movie costs as much to download as more than 100,000 average emails. Internet companies have to have enough capacity to allow those large files to be downloaded. That means new equipment, and that means more money.

In my opinion, since the average consumer is downloading more, why shouldn’t the price go up.

Read more on the outrage at The Star

Hey, we could always just do the socialist thing and have the government take over the Internet, TV, and mobile phone industries. Then see what happens to either prices or taxes or service!

p.s. Here is an article by Hugh Thompson that has left out the emotion and reported just facts. The author makes a much more compelling case for being against the CRTC decision.

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