iPod Part 3

I am still quite excited about the podcasting world, and other sources of educational material, for my 36 hour old iPod. So far, I have subscribed to an item from Discovery Channel, several family related items, and the sermons from my former church in Winnipeg. I’ve already tried out and unsubscribed from several of the family ones. I’ve added some songs, some photos, and some of the Bible (in audio format).

In other news, I had to research the online help to find out how to perform CPR on my iPod, or, more commonly called a hard reboot. It had just started playing a song when it froze and would not even turn off.


  1. Jess says:

    i think you got some sort of a lemon

  2. McLovin says:


    I think God approves of you….

    [interesting comment, but it came with a link to a web page that was a lot of gibberish about iPods, and part of the page did not work, so I deleted it. G.R.]

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