Is Deep Impact About to Happen?

deep impactIs our Earth doomed by asteroid collisions?

Remember the Hollywood action flicks Deep Impact and Armageddon? Space missions were launched to try and avoid catastrophic collisions with an asteroid.

Will that be happening in real life?

Scientists say it is probable. Eventually.

When Apophis, a 270-metre wide asteroid, was first discovered in 2004, astronomers estimated the chances of it smashing into Earth in its first flyby in 2029 were as high as 1-in-37. Scientists have lowered their estimates to 1 in 250,000, but it still involves a flyby where the asteroid comes within 30,000 kilometres. In comparison, the Earth’s moon is about 375,000 km away.

Grandpa Richard personally thinks that 30,000 km is pretty close, and I am hoping the powers-to-be do something about it.

Where is Bruce Willis and crew when we need them?

Well, Russia is considering sending a spacecraft to knock Apophis off its path and prevent a collision with Earth. The sooner the mission “takes off” the easier it will be to deflect the asteroid.

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  1. kristina says:

    thanks for that dooms day thought

  2. Sam says:

    Armageddon is one of my all time fave movies

  3. The Dominican says:

    Extinction is the logical (inevitable?) end state of any species.

    Regardless, we have many more immediate challenges to our survival that we should probably focus on before asteroids.

    Then again why worry? Be happy.