Is This Extreme Sport Over The Edge?

There have been at least 11 deaths in the past week in the Canadian Rockies, all due to avalanches. What is tragic is that at least some of these deaths were very preventable, as the individuals involved crossed under barriers warning them of the danger.

Today’s newspapers tell of 4 people who not only ignored the barriers, but also refused to listen to employees of the ski resort involved. Police were called and the 4 were located and forced out of the area. According to the Globe and Mail, “They have been banned for life from Grouse Mountain, and will be billed for all costs, now being tallied, related to the incident. Their names will also be circulated to all ski resorts in British Columbia.”

Why do people (usually young men) take such risks? They must have heard about the other deaths, and the area was obviously considered an avalanche prone zone, and yet they entered it. Is this an extreme sport that is too far over the edge?

One researcher said that the people involved in these types of Extreme Sports are aware of the risks, and relish them. They rationalize the dangers because they and their friends have never run into trouble.

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