It’s Just A Clock

crayola clockI have an old Crayola brand clock. An old style one with a minute hand and an hour hand. The hands are shaped like crayons. Uses an AA battery.

Why do I have it, and not one of the kids? They got too old for it! I know, I am a grandpa and grandpas are old. But it reminds me of simpler days, with young children running around the house.

AND, I have no plans on giving it to a grandchild!!! At least not until I am either dead or too senile to notice!

It was just leaning on a bookcase and I finally decided to hang it on the wall, just above my computer desk. If I am quiet and listen carefully, I can hear the little clicking noises that its mechanism makes.

The simple life.

Do you have simple items that you have kept from your childhood, either for sentimental or other reasons? Share by leaving a comment.



  1. daughter says:

    yes, and you bugged me for the where abouts of that silly clock forever!!! and as far as senile goes………it can be arranged ;o
    P.S. I certainly hope that is not the only thing hanging on your walls but knowing you it probably is…….one of these days I will come there and sort out your little world!

    [gr replies – Exactly. I lost track of it and was like a little lost dog. I have one photo on the livingroom wall – that famous one of Jasmine cuddling the light brown cat]

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