Kijiji is a popular site where people buy and sell stuff and services. My younger daughter and her husband must use it a lot. I will see stuff at their place and ask about it and usually the answer that comes back is, “we got it on Kijiji”. The deals they find are pretty good.

Based on their experiences, I joined up and started watching for stuff I needed, that I was willing to buy used. When I checked out the photography section I noticed a lot of people offering services, and some were looking for services. I started advertising my services as a photographer and videographer. I did not get much interest, but I also noticed that there were “wanted” ads. Due to the nature of Kijiji the photography services wanted section was normally people looking for low cost, but I was fine with that as I have been entering that marketplace slowly and am willing to be on the discount shelves until I figure I am getting really good.

I have subsequently scored several gigs and got some good experience.

One thing that bugs me a bit is when someone advertises that they need a photographer for their wedding, or a kid’s first birthday, etc, but they do not mention the date. Weddings especially. If your wedding is next month and you are looking for a discount deal, I am interested. If, however, your wedding is 12 months from now, there is no way I am going to guarantee my discount rate that far out. I could be world famous 12 months from now, and that $349 deal a true steal that I am reluctant to honour.

Tell me the date in your ad, and save us both some time.

p.s. Need some video work done? Visit the Great Stories on Video site. For photo work I have a site at Richard Killey Photography. It is unfinished as I write this post, but you can fill in the form with details of your needs and I’ll get back to you.

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