Legal and Organized Vampire Clubs

Have you seen the movie, “Love at First Bite”? I loved it. A vampire comedy.

George Hamilton was the Count who had been kicked out of his Transylvanian Castle, and moved to New York. Susan Saint James (at the time I thought she was a hottie!) was the love interest. Arte Johnson was in it as well, along with Richard Benjamin.

At one point George Hamilton learns about blood banks (where hospitals kept their blood supply for operations), and he makes a “withdrawal”, exclaiming, “Only in America”.

I bring this up as I donated blood on Thursday. I know the routine well, as this was my 46th donation. Tiny pin prick in middle finger to do a test for iron in my blood. A whole bunch of questions about my travel history and my sex life. Then the main event, during which a nice lady sticks this huge needle in my elbow’s vein and they withdraw a bunch of my blood.

The big needle only hurts a bit for a second, and then all is fine while you drain.

Afterwards, I get some Dad’s oatmeal cookies (my all time favourites) and juice. I am even allowed a bag of the salty junk food, as the salt helps keep my blood pressure up, despite the loss of some blood.

You’d think that the big needle would be the worst part.


It’s tearing the bandage off the insertion point later that day. It tends to try to pull a bunch of arm hairs with it.

Now that hurts!!!