Lesson From China’s 4-2-1 Generation

chinese flagWhat is a 4-2-1 generation?

4 grandparents
2 parents
1 child

A result of China’s one child per family rule that kicked in back in 1980. Some say that this has led to a generation of “me” people. To quote the article in today’s Toronto Star

The so-called 4-2-1 syndrome – a single child basking in the attention of four grandparents and two parents – has produced a cohort that some social scientists have described as profoundly self-centred. They aren’t accustomed to getting along with others in the way previous generations have. They never had siblings.

One of the negative outcomes of this is a soaring divorce rate. Data shows that there were about 10% more divorces in 2009 than in 2008.

It would be interesting to see data from Western Civilizations comparing divorce rates for people who were an only-child to ones who had siblings.

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