Life Can Be A Maze

Do you ever get lost in the maze of life?

One couple, and their 3 week old, got lost in a real maze. One built in a corn field.

They got started late in the afternoon, and when darkness started to fall they had not found their way out. (sidenote: can’t you just use the old trick where you keep your right hand touching a wall at all times, and keep walking?)

Seemingly not able to get the attention of staff at the farm, they called 911. “Help. We are lost in a corn maze.”

Now that has got to be a embarrassing story to tell about your holidays!

Life is a maze in which we take the wrong turn before we have learnt to walk.
Cyril Connolly quotes (English critic and editor, 1903-1974)

More details at The Toronto Star.

Blenheim Palace Maze
Creative Commons License photo credit: simononly

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