life expectancy to drop

Some experts are saying that life expectancy amongst western civilizations is likely to drop in the coming years. Why? Unhealthy living styles.

A report in today’s Globe and Mail says that more young Canadians are at risk for heart problems, and other diseases like diabetes.

A major study finds that risk factors for cardiovascular disease have risen by as much as 260 per cent among Canadians aged 12 to 34.

Regular readers of this blog will know that Grandpa Richard is a big fan of fresh fruits and vegetables. These are key to better health. One problem that I see is that pre-cooked foods have become a larger portion of diets in our country. This packaged solutions tend to have too much sodium, for one.

Experts are saying that lower income people are especially affected. I have had problems with this “statistic”. I think that my shopping habits actually save me money, yet I have a very healthy diet. This past weekend, for example, I picked up a whole chicken, regular price about $9, for under $4. Deals are easy to find, if you take the time to look and to plan. Yes, it was one of those “expiry date tomorrow” kind of deals, but they are perfectly safe if you cook them immediately. There are also some good deals on fresh fruit and vegetables right now.

To quote the article, “Health experts have long known that fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as involvement in sports and other physical activities, may be out of reach to lower-income Canadians because of cost.” What does being poor have to do with sports and physical activity? I see parks all over Toronto. What is wrong with good old fashioned “free” outdoor activities? I was rarely in organized sports when I was young, yet I am positive I got way more physical activity than today’s kids. Nintendos, Playstations, X-Boxes? No way. Unless it was raining, we were outside playing. Road hockey in the winter, soccer or playing catch in the summer.

Read the Globe and Mail’s article. Then examine your own habits and the habits of your kids, both eating ones and exercise ones. You may be a “live for today” type of person, but I bet your family would love to have you change some habits and stick around longer.


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