life without a car

Grandpa Richard does not own a car. Reason? Both financial and personal choice. I came to a realization one day that my car usually sat unused 5 days out of 7.

Now comes news that a builder here in Toronto wants to put up a 42 storey condo building, without any parking spots. The builder thinks that they can find enough car-less buyers to make the project a go. I say “right on”.

How does one survive without a car?

Well, in fact I do not survive without a car. I do not own one, but rent once or twice a month for hectic weekends. If the weekend is not hectic, but I have some out-of-town event, I use public transit. Most of my trips involve Hamilton (GO goes there) or Brantford (Greyhound from Hamilton). Groceries? I live 2 blocks from a Metro, and I regularly walk the 2 km to a NoFrills. Did I mention that I trimmed over 10 pounds from my frame over the past year? Work is a 5 minute walk.

It helps that I have no young children anymore, but we did go car-less for about a year once when the kids were young. It worked, with some planning.

See more on the new condo on this website.

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