Losing Weight slowly and easily

About 2 years ago I was shocked one day when I stood on the doctor’s weigh scale and saw the number 189 pop up. Grandpa Richard, slim built Grandpa Richard, almost 190 pounds!!!

(sidenote: I am very much a metric guy in a country that officially went metric decades ago, but 85.7 kg did not mean much to me, whereas 189 pounds shocked me)

I am not one to enter into complex solutions. I discussed some things with my doctor and came to the conclusion that I needed to adjust my diet. The biggest change that I made was to increase my raw vegetable intake. Translation? More salads. Less starchy stuff.

Well. Here we are 2 years and 100’s of salads later, and my weight last Thursday was 79 kg, or about 174 pounds. SUCCESS.

No fancy diets or exercise routines. Just a small change in eating habits. At the start it was hard, but now eating lettuce based salad seems normal. If I skip a day it feels weird. Oh, and skip the iceberg (head) lettuce. Go straight to darker green stuff, like romaine, with spinach now and then for a change. I also have tomato and green pepper in most of my salads. I try to snack on those little carrots as well, although I am not consistent with them.

Next goal??? Flatten my abs.

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  1. Jimbo says:

    I haven’t been 79 kg or 174 pounds since grade 8. Keep the salads, I’ll keep the beer, steak and pizza’s thank you very much. I like the extra weight so when a guy or 2 looks at my hot blond wife and I hit them it hurts alot more. They usually don’t get back up!

    225 pound Uncle Jimbo.

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