Marriage is 50-50

Many of you probably have figured out that I am a grandpa without a grandma by my side. My wife of 22 years left me in 1998. I subsequently learned how the laws of our land treat these situations, without any regard to cause and effect. I don’t want to start down that road of discussion (spousal support payments, that is). I do, however, want to publicly state that even in divorce, marriage should be 50-50. Split the material assets right down the middle. (the news has treated us to scenarios where someone did that literally, with a saw!)

Well, it seems that Mr. Michael Polsky of Chicago does not like this 50-50 concept. His wife, Maya Polsky, has been awarded 1/2 of their material assets. Her share works out to about $184-million, over 90% of that in non-taxable cash.

Mr. Polsky’s lawyers contended he was responsible for the couple’s great wealth and they will likely appeal Monday’s decision.

Personally, I agree with the initial decision. I have no qualms about my ex getting 1/2 of all assets that we accumulated during our marriage. We worked together as a team. Mr. Polsky should pay up and move on.

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