Marshmallows and Campsites

It is actually a bit cool for camping right now (I live in Canada, and there is snow on the ground as I type this) but I saw one of these in the store while I was Christmas shopping yesterday.

Yep. A battery operated marshmallow stick!

Even handles 3 marshmallows at once.

Just does not seem right to me. We camp to get away from it all, especially technology. Doing the marshmallow thing would not be the same without looking for the perfect stick and whittling its end to a point.

One final point.

At 18″ in length (46 cm) it is on the short side. Bonfires are hot.

That said, if you need to be a front runner on the gadget side of life, check it out by clicking the link in the Amazon ad above and to the right.


  1. Steven says:

    Ya I don’t go for it, especially the metal part. See we had these long forks for doing hot dogs and smokies and that was fine. But with a marshmallow the metal heats up and the marshmallow wants to fall off. Now with your concern about the open flame, guess you would have to wait till close to the end of the fire time and just do it over the hot coals. bet you did not think of that did ya???
    Have a good one Richard

  2. VS says:

    What will they think of next?

    [GR replies: if you think of it first, you’ll be rich!]