Masquerading Food

Venison or Beef? Sturgeon caviar or Mississippi paddlefish eggs? Cheese made from goat’s milk or cow’s milk?

Those are the types of questions asked by two grade 12 students from a school in Manhattan. They got their answers from a unique Canadian DNA technology that can quickly identify numerous mislabelled food products.

Once you answer the questions about what it is, the next question is why or how the wrong stuff got into the packaging. The obvious answer is corporate greed, since the first item in each pair is a more expensive version.

I have a third question.

Will the government of Canada use this made in Canada solution to help keep corporations honest?

Some would say no, they will not. After all, where do a lot of former politicians end up? In corporations.

You do not want to bite the hand that offers to feed you.

(based on this article in the Globe and Mail)

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