Anyone who knows Grandpa Richard well knows that numbers are in his blood, so let’s have some fun today.

Pick a number.
Print the number backwards
Add the 2 numbers together.
Repeat the process with the new number until it reads the same in both directions.

163 (picked number)
361 (reverse version)
524 (addition, which is not identical in both directions)
425 (reverse version)
949 (which reads the same in both directions!)

Numbers like 949, which read the same in both directions, are numeric palindromes. An example of a word palindrome is “RACECAR”, or a simpler one is “LEVEL”.

Almost every number will lead to a numeric palindrome using the above process. Some do not, but that is not a proven statement.

See if you can find an example of a 3 digit number that does not work.