memorizing the times table

Here is a topic regarding teaching that Grandpa Richard can relate to, and one that he has a definite opinion about.

I understand that most “teaching” that occurs today in public schools is considered “child-centred”. This Globe and Mail article talks about a small school that uses more traditional “direct education”. The public system considers that a method that can “stifle children’s inherent creativity”.

In the public system, I am told, memorizing times tables has given way to letting children “discover” math and spelling. I believe that memorizing the times table is good when children are young. We used to call it getting back to the basics.

Why is it that modern man keeps looking for “better” ways to do something. The old “don’t fix something that isn’t broken” holds true in many facits of modern life, including education.

Keep in mind one important fact. It is not a case of poor teachers. It is the system that is broken, as teachers have little to say about this stuff.

Do you have children in public school? Read that article.

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