My First Bike

I do not actually remember dad bringing my first real 2 wheeler home, but I definitely remember learning to ride it. I had some bricks piled up at 2 ends of a smooth field. My bike was a bit big for me, and I needed the bricks to help me climb up on the seat!

This post is not meant to be about my first bike. It is meant to raise awareness in the GTA about the fact that many of our youth grow up without a bike.

My First Wheels! is a non-profit initiative to collect gently used bikes for donation to children living in low-income neighbourhoods in Toronto.

Do you have a kid’s bike that you no longer need?

You can:

– give a child the chance to be active, get outdoors and have fun!
– give youth a healthy, positive focus
– do something good for the planet
– teach kids about advocacy

If you have a kid’s bike you’d like to donate, contact A child’s first wheels will be a gift they will never forget.

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