New Levy on Internet Use

The Canadian CRTC has proposed a new levy on Internet use that would be used to help support more Canadian content for the Internet.

Here is a copy of a letter I just sent to several government representatives.

I do not understand the logic for this new proposed Levy on the Internet to support Canadian Content.

We talk about a 500 channel universe in TV cable terms. How about a 500,000,000 channel universe in Internet terms. Does anyone really think that artificially supporting Canadian culture and content will get us noticed amongst that many websites?

Leave content creators alone. I myself own and operate several dozen websites on various topics, some of which are heavily slanted to a Candian view. If we must artificially prop up Canadian Culture, concentrate on our film/TV industry, where the effect is more obvious. (while watching TV with my grand daughter I notice a lot of Canadian content on the kid’s shows)

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