O Canada

When I attend an event (like a major sports game) and they play our national anthem, my eyes have this little problem with excess water. And you would note that I don’t just casually stand up, I stand to attention.

So what’s with this elementary school in New Brunswick that stopped playing O Canada every morning?

The principal says they received complaints.

I find it interesting that within the almost 200 comments on the Globe and Mail’s website, there are 2 main thoughts about where this is coming from (principal would not give details about the complaints).

(1) newer Canadians who have cultural backgrounds different than our traditional western European roots
(2) what some people were calling “white far-left apologists”

It is definitely too easy to choose #1 above. Blame it all on the immigrants. But #2 is a possibility as well.

Several comments from the G&M site to close with. They speak a lot in common with politically incorrect Grandpa Richard.

“Why is it that, in the name of tolerance, many of our Canadian traditions are disappearing, while these complainers, that we show tolerance to, insist on maintaining their traditions…. in the name of tolerance.”

“The principal’s reply should have been, ‘At Canadian schools, it is customary that kids recite or sing the national anthem, regardless of their political or religious views.'”

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