Ontario Fails To Recycle Electronics

A one year old program designed to recycle old electronics is failing to meet goals. The Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES) — a private agency created by provincial regulation — gathered only 40% of the 42,000 tonnes of toxin-laced equipment it was originally supposed to collect. OES has a goal to keep millions of computers and televisions out of landfills.

As examples of the substances involved …

  • the tiny lights inside laptops contain mercury
  • there is lead inside old-style television monitors
  • charge ports of cellphones contain beryllium

All of these are considered toxins and are linked to cancer, respiratory disease, and developmental delays in children. Some are shipped to landfills and, despite a federal government ban against it, others are sent to Third World countries, where workers and the environment are put at risk.

For more details, read the item in The Star.


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