parents on facebook

Imagine that you are a 14 year old whose single mom has joined Facebook and convinced you to add them as a friend. Then, imagine that your mom comes home from a bit of a wild date. She has obviously had a good time and she is still under the influence. She goes to your Facebook page and writes some veiled comments about what she did on her date, on YOUR wall. Problem is, the veiled part is too obvious, and now all your friends get to read it.

Welcome to one of the newest divides between teens and their parents. Do we all know the expression “Ewww”?

Whether it is talk about their “couch Olympics” or their answers to the quiz “What body part are you?”, kids are being embarrassed in front of their peers by things that their parents type.

If you are a parent who has embraced the new social ways, be careful what you say, and make sure you understand all the privacy settings.

Better yet, leave a message for your lover the old fashioned one – a paper note where only they will find it.