Peanut Butter Pricing About To Go Thru The Roof

Peanut Butter. Who does not remember having peanut butter sandwiches when they were young? Or maybe on toast.

My Aunt Mary was living with us for a while and she made my sandwiches for school lunch time. Peanut butter and honey. When I got older it was toast with peanut butter and banana slices. Yum, yum.

Well, get ready to pay more for that jar.

peanut butterThere was a drought in a size-able chunk of the peanut growing areas in the States, and cotton replaced peanuts as the crop of choice due to rising prices for cotton. Hence, a rise in wholesale prices due to demand outstripping supply.

I, though, have a simple solution I want to recommend to all the peanut butter bottlers out there. Are you listening Kraft?

Make the jars smaller.

That seems to be the method of choice these days. Keeps the customers happy. Who looks at sizes. If I have been paying $2.99 for that jar of peanut butter for 3 years, then just make a size that you feel comfortable selling for $2.99. Then, I, the common consumer, will happily carry on with my life, seemingly oblivious to the scam being perpetrated on me.

Read more about this topic at The Toronto Star.
(make sure you read my other post about this insidious “shrinking food” issue by clicking here; and be sure to leave a comment; better yet, share this post and get a consumer backlash going against companies that shrink food sizes! If we the people complain loud enough, it will stop)

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Jeff just noticed the other day that the frozen juice cans are smaller now. He was not impressed because he didn’t notice until AFTER he had made the juice, filled it up with water to the usual point and it of course was weak 😛

    (GR replies – find out who makes the juice, write a letter and tell them why you are unhappy, and ask for a refund)

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