Photos of People in Books

As a wannabe photographer, I have often turned to books in an attempt to better learn the required skills. One of my sources is, which has a great system of posting reviews from ordinary customers.

I had to smile at and agree with one customer’s review of the book, “Posing Techniques for Digital Portraits”. The customer thought that it was a good book on posing techniques, but then add the following. “What I first noted was that almost all photos showed women. 110 photos of women versus 6 photos of men, to be exact. Further, almost all of the women were very attractive. The morale: posing for pictures is reserved for beautiful women. The rest of us are not worth taking pictures of, I guess.”


  1. Jess says:

    that’s a funny comment…

  2. GrandpaRichard says:

    yes, funny, but it you were not a good looking young lady would you be offended by the facts?

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