poor cottage country

July in Toronto (and Toronto’s cottage country) was not really a July. The weather sucked much of the time. Weather forecasters are saying that August will be more “normal”

Today I read a column in the Globe and Mail wherein the writer (Leah McLaren) talks about the dreariness of cottage life over the past month. What I found most interesting was not the column, but the comments.

Having been a “westerner” most of my adult life, I found this quote especially appropriate. “The overwhelmingly white, middle-class, Toronto-centric make-up of the G&M doesn’t do it any favours.”

Or how about this one. “That’s because reading her stuff is like driving by a multi-car smash up on the 401. Even though you know its going to be ugly you somehow can’t turn your head away. Or for you Torontonians/Muskokians – its like buying Leaf seasons tickets year after year.”