Reptiles Love The Sun

I think that most (all?) reptiles are cold- blooded, meaning that they love to sun tan. The weather here in Toronto has been great for that lately, so finding a sunning reptile should not be much of a surprise.


A family here in the Toronto area was just a bit surprised when they found an alligator in their back yard. It was a juvenile, and only about a metre long, but still big enough to have kitty for a snack if kitty got too curious!

Animal control officers used a catch pole noose to capture the beast and it was shipped to the Indian River Reptile Zoo near Peterborough.

Brampton alligator’s appearance shocks neighbours
This alligator was found in a backyard in Brampton on Sunday. It has since been taken to an animal sanctuary. (John Dryden) A one-metre long alligator gave Brampton, Ont., residents quite a stir when it was spotted in a backyard on Sunday afternoon.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    That would freak me right out!

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