school report cards

A bit soon to be discussing report cards, isn’t it? I mean, after all, school just started yesterday.

Grandpa Richard remembers report cards well. They would come with hand written comments from the teachers. My mom would analyze those comments carefully, and then drag me off to parent/teacher night. Ugh!

Now-a-days, comments are computerized. Teachers choose from a list of comments and “modifiers” and presto – report card comes spitting out from printer.

Now, if only we could understand the comments.

Here is an example from a grade 9 report card as reported in today’s article about report card comments. (Parent Central is part of the Toronto Star).

Applies concepts and procedures to familiar settings. Can only apply concepts and procedures to familiar settings. Practise applying concepts/procedures in familiar settings.

According to the article, the problem is not with teachers; it is with Ontario’s Department of Education. The above comment, though, must be partly the teacher’s doing. Surely that is not a single comment, but rather 3 comments chosen from the list. I would like to hear the Government’s side of the story, since we all know that there are 2 sides to every story.

I do not have access to my grand daughter’s grade 1 report card right now, but I do remember shaking my head when I read it.

Maybe this system is designed with flaws on purpose, in the hope that more parents will show up at parent/teacher night to get translations!

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