Today’s Lavalife (don’t laugh!) poll is “How likely are you to date a smoker?”

The results, after almost 6,000 votes?

39% of men and 31% of women said they would date a smoker if she/he was “hot”.

43% of men and 51% of women said they would NEVER date a smoker.

How does Grandpa Richard answer this? I would NEVER knowingly date a smoker. In fact, if I happen to see a “hot” lady out and about, and she pulls a cigarette out and lights up, my “hot meter” quickly plunges to ZERO.

p.s. another Lavalife poll says that Coke wins over Pepsi, 60% to 40%

One Comment

  1. Pete says:

    They’d have to be awfully hot for me to even consider it. I’ve lived with a smoker and I just can’t see doing it again. If they want to smoke they certainly would not be smoking in the home or car as far as I’m concerned.