Some Food Facts

Grandpa Richard lost about 4.5 kg (10 pounds) a year ago. A big part of the method used was more fresh vegetables (in salads).

About 100 years ago, fibre rich foods, and whole grains, were a bigger part of the common diet in the U.S. and Canada. People did not have high levels of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, all these diseases.

In 1960, 18 percent of our national income was spent on food, and only 5 percent on healthcare. Today, 9 percent of our income is spent on food and a whopping 17 percent on healthcare. (U.S. figures)

A possible conclusion – The less we spend on food, the more we spend on healthcare.

It is not always just what you read on the labels. The label will tell you what is in the “food”, like fats, sugars, vitamins, etc. The label does not tell you what they took out. Logically, whole foods are better for us than processed foods. How many designer foods are you eating? Foods that have been “created” by a guy in a lab.

Learn more by reading up on Oprah’s guest, Michael Pollan.

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p.s. Michael has written at least one book. Here is a link to Amazon for the book.