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Are Your Car’s Back Lights On?

I was driving after dark late last week and a car with no rear lights on passed me. What!!! According to this article in the Toronto Star, this is becoming a common occurrence. People think they have lights on, but its just their daylight running lights (DRL), and on most car models, that means no […]

Think First

Twice in the past month I have notice news reports of the same type of accident. A driver pulls up to a spot where they must “communicate” with a machine of some type in order to get their car through a gate. They pull up and roll down their window. Unfortunately, they are not close […]

Car Hits Dog; Who Pays?

A dog is let out to roam freely. It runs out in front of a car, is hit and killed. Who pays for the damage to the car? State Farm Insurance thinks that the dog’s owner should pay. I feel very badly for the dog’s owner, but I agree with the Insurance company. What do […]

Best Parking Job Ever

Did you hear about the lady who accidentally hit the gas pedal as she was parking and drove over another car? Then she left without reporting it. She has had her day in court, and was found guilty. Read more details here.

one second all is okay …

and then the next, everything is falling apart. A co-worker that I have known for 7 years lost her husband to an industrial accident the other day. He leaves behind 2 children under 15 as well. We all feel so bad for her. She was always saying so much about her husband, and how much […]

Drivers – aaarrrggghhh

I had to commute to and from my daughter’s place yesterday. About 80 km. Took over 90 minutes! Why? Problem # 1. An accident in the opposite lane of a large divided highway. Not even in our way, but people just have to slow down and look. Problem # 2. A building fire a block […]