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Lindsay Lohan Sues

Not far from Grandpa Richard’s home, an Oakville tot’s television alter-ego is at the centre of a $100 million (U.S.) lawsuit launched on Monday by troubled actress Lindsay Lohan, who has struggled with alcohol and drug addiction. Lohan’s lawyer says the star has single-name recognition akin to Madonna or Oprah, and that the commercial, which […]

Baby Rollerblading

We all know that Evian (brand of bottled water) is just Naive spelled backwards, but their newest ad is AWESOME!!! Talk about a cool use of technology.

Talk about a Whopper

On Sunday, August 31st, Angelly Arnache was brought into the world in Barranquilla, Columbia. You ask, why is that news? Well, the issue here is that Angelly had a birth weight of 6000 grams, which is exactly double what my first born weighed. For those of you still not into the metric system, that is […]