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Internet Throttling

Should Internet usage in Canada be all you want at a low low price? Or, should the suppliers be allowed to cap speeds and volumes? Obviously, consumers want truly unlimited volumes (bandwidth), at maximum speeds. And all for some ridiculously low cost. To this Grandpa, that is unrealistic. The every increasing demands of today’s society, […]

Free Netbook

This should not be a surprise. We are used to being able to get free phones when we sign up for a 2 or 3 year contract. Now Bell has taken the next logical step. Sign up for a contract on Bell’s Internet stick (or whatever it’s official name is) and get a free netbook. […]

Text Messaging in an Addicted World

Big public stink over the plan by Bell and Telus to charge for INCOMING text messages. Whether you read them or not. Globe and Mail had it as a front page story. Some comments from one columnist went like this. “But we are talking about one of the fastest growing addictions that our society has […]