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The Canadian Senate

We have read about it. We have heard about it. Do we really need Grandpa Richard to tell us more? My initial thought when this issue started to get big is that we should get rid of the Senate. However, when I looked into the issue deeper, I realized that it had its role and […]

Absurd Compensation Levels of CEOs

One of my favorite topics of conversation is in the news again. As you know, all of the target stores in Canada will be closing soon. Their attempt to invade Canada has failed miserably. It is estimated that the 17,000 employees will receive a combined total of about $70 million as they lose their 17,000 […]

What Happened to the Reform Party of Canada?

What Happened to the Reform Party of Canada? Did they get lost? Did they get kidnapped? Didn’t the Reform party promise to bring a refreshing new look to Ottawa? Honesty, openness, morality? What happened when they morphed (or whatever they did) and now we have the Conservative Party? No wonder so many people say it […]

Canada Protects a Murderer

According to this item in the Toronto Star, Canada does a good job of protecting people who are convicted murderers in their home countries. All the murderer has to do is get on a plane that subsequently lands in Canada. The criminal then applies for refugee status. If there is valid evidence supporting the accusation […]

People Already Know About The Health Dangers

In a court case in Kentucky (in the United States) a judge ruled mainly in favour of new restrictions on advertising of tobacco products. The changes were in part based on the restrictions we have here in Canada, including bold and colourful graphics on cigarette packages that warn of the health dangers. In the case […]

Raw Heart?

The Governor-General of Canada, MichaĆ«lle Jean, participated in a traditional Inuit seal hunt recently. Part of the event involved Ms. Jean helping to cut up the seal carcass. She also eat a piece of the seal’s heart – raw! Her stated purpose? To show support for a traditional way of life amongst the Inuit. The […]


Here is another “Oh Canada” story. Asbestos is considered a very serious carcinogen, and yet Canada is happily marketing the stuff (mined mainly in Quebec) to 3rd world and developing countries. It is used mainly to make concrete better suited for use on water pipes and roofing tiles. We will not even allow it here […]