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Buying a Car

I was never a big fan of car ownership. Did not even get my driver’s license until I was 19. Owned my first vehicle at 25. One unfortunate fact of modern life when you do not buy in (pun happily intended) to car ownership, is that insurance companies penalize you for the non-continuous service. Hence, […]

some thieves are very creative

Some crooks get very creative. Here are two examples of theft involving cars, where the thief did not steal the car. Example # 1 – just steal the headlight Turns out that the fancy headlights of some Porsche models are just perfect for indoor growing of marijuana plants. They are just the right type of […]

Do You Use a GPS When Driving?

Do you use a GPS when driving? If so, do not do what this man did. After driving off a ferry in Alaska, an unnamed man drove his car down a boat launch and ended up in water deep enough to submerge the car. With the help of a man who witnessed the incident, the […]

Are Your Car’s Back Lights On?

I was driving after dark late last week and a car with no rear lights on passed me. What!!! According to this article in the Toronto Star, this is becoming a common occurrence. People think they have lights on, but its just their daylight running lights (DRL), and on most car models, that means no […]

GPS: On The Other Hand!

You read a bad GPS story. Now let’s read a good GPS story. In my previous post you read how a GPS led to a lost couple in the Nevada wilderness. Now comes another GPS story about a car thief. Seems that 29-year-old Joshua stole a truck the other day. Unfortunately for him, the owner’s […]

Think First

Twice in the past month I have notice news reports of the same type of accident. A driver pulls up to a spot where they must “communicate” with a machine of some type in order to get their car through a gate. They pull up and roll down their window. Unfortunately, they are not close […]

Cute Car Commercial

After watching it the first time I wnet back to see the beginning again. They could have hid things a bit better, showing less of the gal, and then the ending would have caught me even better. gr