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Distracted Driving

Police in Ontario laid 306 distracted driving charges during the Thanksgiving long weekend. Most were probably cell phone related. In British Columbia, a September crackdown on distracted driving led to about 3,500 charges. One of the best excuses to me was, “It was my boss on the phone — I had to answer it.” And […]

The Etiquette of Cell Phones

From Wikipedia … Etiquette (pronounced [,eti’ket]) is a code of behaviour that delineates expectations for social behaviour according to contemporary conventional norms within a society, social class, or group. What are society’s norms regarding cell phone use? I still hear people complaining about some bus passenger talking on their cell phone. At the same time, […]

Cell Phone Users and Darwin Award

Some people get an extra dose of the “non-thinking gene” when they are born. My sympathies go to the relatives of the lady in this story that I read in the Toronto Sun. Witnesses reported that the woman went around the crossing arms at a level crossing and just walked into the side of a […]

dial phones

Do you remember the old rotary dial phones? At one point in my not too distant past (less than 4 years ago) I was still using one. It still worked and saved me a little cash on a new push button variety. One day, a friend of my son (then 17) was over and had […]

Does Your 911 Work?

Very interesting series of articles in the Globe and Mail newspaper about the 911 system in Canada. I no longer feel as safe as I did. Examples In over 90% of the United States, the 911 centres can use cell tower triangulation techniques (that you see in TV shows and movies regularly) to locate a […]

Voice Memos

A while back my “almost” son-in-law (2 weeks to go!) showed me that I have voice memo capability on my cell phone. Neat! I recorded 5 memos today. I even remembered to listen to them when I got home!