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Why Should Rulers Get To Feather Their Own Nests?

Here in Canada there is a simple rule regarding the saving of money in a registered retirement savings plan. No more than 18% of your income can be saved per year. I work for the provincial government here in Ontario. Currently the mandatory plan that I belong to takes 7.6% of my money, and combines […]

How Big Is The Canadian Public Service?

There are, generally speaking, three layers of government here in Canada. Federal, Provincial, and Municipal. How many employees do they all have? 3,650,000 That number by itself does not say anything. How many Canadians are in the labour force? 16,900,000 That means that just a bit more than 1 in every 5 Canadians (21.6%) is […]

Unpaid Time Off

For Ontario residents who remember the days when the NDP was in charge, we may be seeing a return of “Rae Days”, properly renamed “Dalton Days”. That was when public servants had to take 1 day off per month, without pay. Since salaries represent about 80 per cent of the provincial budget and account for […]

Government workers have it too easy

How’s that for a post title? And in case you do not know it, Grandpa Richard is one of THEM! I have never actually studied the numbers closely, but when I joined 7 years ago and saw what clerks (old fashioned term, I know) make and what some of them do, wow! Whenever I heard […]