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Absurd Compensation Levels of CEOs

One of my favorite topics of conversation is in the news again. As you know, all of the target stores in Canada will be closing soon. Their attempt to invade Canada has failed miserably. It is estimated that the 17,000 employees will receive a combined total of about $70 million as they lose their 17,000 […]

CEO Compensation To Start 2011

randpa Richard has written about this before. Should a CEO of a company have a salary that is over 100 times as much as the average worker in their company? (my answer is NO!) The Toronto Star has come back to this question again, looking at the top 50 CEOs in Canada. They contacted the […]

CEO Pay – Again

Ray Irani, CEO of Occidental Petroleum Corp, took home $460 million in total compensation last year. That’s in US $. I estimate that it would take over 6,000 average workers to equal that pay amount. It was probably due to bonuses to a large degree, as most oil companies did very well last year. The […]