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The Dalton 5

The interesting (and somewhat sad) fact about the following news bite is that Grandpa Richard is directly affected by it’s subject. Yep. I am in the Dalton 5. Our premier’s 5% cut to job positions. I know it was nothing personal. Let’s face it, the economy is not super healthy. The question that this “not […]

Computer Security While On The Road

It is rare for Grandpa Richard to promote a product, but in today’s world full of hackers and spammers, I believe you need to know about these. Hopefully your home computer is well protected with anti-spam methods, and other security products. You also keep your software (like Firefox and Windows especially) up to date. What […]

technology is great when it works

When it comes to computer health, I have been blessed over the years. That blessing ended last Friday. My primary “used mainly for internet” computer had started to have problems powering up early last week. It crashed / died on Friday. I really thought it was the power supply, so I replaced it. Nope. Now […]

Do You Back Up Your Computer’s Hard Drive?

If you lost everything on your computer’s hard drive, how hard would you cry? If you do perform backups, where do you keep the backups? Right next to the computer? Ha! The following is a very techie kind of article, but I thought it was cool. Click here to read about the way some serious […]