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Can a Dog and a Cat Mate?

Those of you who use Google have probably noticed that when you start typing a search, Google thinks ahead and suggests what you might want to search for. Google’s suggestions are based partly on your past searches, and partly on popular searches that everyone else makes. Have you ever stopped to notice what those popular […]

There Must Be An Election Coming

The distractions are starting. Just before an election, the political party in power starts creating distractions. These are created to take us away from issues that are important, and which the ruling party is struggling with. The Harper Conservatives have been really pushing the terrorism and crime issues. What I see is a downward trend […]

Car Hits Dog; Who Pays?

A dog is let out to roam freely. It runs out in front of a car, is hit and killed. Who pays for the damage to the car? State Farm Insurance thinks that the dog’s owner should pay. I feel very badly for the dog’s owner, but I agree with the Insurance company. What do […]