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There Must Be An Election Coming

The distractions are starting. Just before an election, the political party in power starts creating distractions. These are created to take us away from issues that are important, and which the ruling party is struggling with. The Harper Conservatives have been really pushing the terrorism and crime issues. What I see is a downward trend […]

Canadian Election 2011

The election that the Liberals and Bloc should not have forced has made the Conservatives and NDP very happy. I must admit that I accurately predicted what would happen to the Liberals, but I did not see the NDP’s surge coming. Way to go Jack. So far I have only seen one major problem. Jack […]

An Election is Coming

Here is an early video ad, put together by a interest group that claims to be independent. There will be an election here in Ontario in the fall of 2011.

Who Cares?

The Canadian election is over, and I have 2 comments. Comment One. The turnout was pathetic. I believe it was something like 60%, and I had read that in the previous election they estimated that only 25% of young people (18-25) voted. Comment Two. The Green party received about 68% as many votes as the […]


It is election day in Canada. If you are eligible to vote, please do so.