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Defeat Online Fraud

Grandpa Richard uses the Internet a lot, and he buys things online. Recently I purchased a new lens for my T3i, using eBay to pick up a nice used one. That meant I had to send almost $400 via PayPal and my credit card. That makes me interested in this post’s topic – “Defeat Online […]

Government Agencies and Good News?

Well, look at that. The answer is YES sometimes. About 7 years ago, a woman came to collect a $12.5M prize from Super 7. It was a bit suspicious, though. She waited a long time before collecting. She could not remember where she bought the original ticket. She claimed that she had no relatives working […]

Witchcraft Still Illegal

According to this item in the Globe and Mail, it is still an offence to pretend to exercise or to use any kind of witchcraft, sorcery, or enchantment or who undertakes, for a consideration, to tell fortunes … is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction. Basically, our lawmakers, back in 1892, wanted to […]

Greed Comes at All Levels

Not only have some wealthy individuals fallen to the scheme, but even some of the best known banks in the world. We are talking here about an alleged $50-billion fraud surrounding Wall Street trader Bernard Madoff. Mr. Madoff was closely involved in the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD), the self-regulatory organization for brokers and […]