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As many of my readers would know, I am a practicing Christian. Part of being a Christian is to believe in prayer. I believe in prayer, but I’m not always very good at practicing what I believe. Lately I have felt more impressed that prayer needs to be an important part of my daily walk […]

Even Friends Need to Document Agreements

In theory, a handshake does the trick. In practice, a piece of paper is better. For a short time about 20 years ago, my wife and I owned 2 houses. One was rented out. One of my best friends and his family rented it from us. A couple of days after we agreed to the […]

parents on facebook

Imagine that you are a 14 year old whose single mom has joined Facebook and convinced you to add them as a friend. Then, imagine that your mom comes home from a bit of a wild date. She has obviously had a good time and she is still under the influence. She goes to your […]