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Can a Dog and a Cat Mate?

Those of you who use Google have probably noticed that when you start typing a search, Google thinks ahead and suggests what you might want to search for. Google’s suggestions are based partly on your past searches, and partly on popular searches that everyone else makes. Have you ever stopped to notice what those popular […]

What did we do before google?

I am not actually going to answer the question, “What did we do before Google?”, but I am going to look at some things we can learn from the search monster in our midst. What can we learn from Google? We can learn interesting things about people. Things that people want to learn about. Things […]

Grandpa Richard is #1

According to Google, this Grandpa Richard is the #1 Grandpa Richard in the whole Internet world. Just look at this unaltered screen shot from Google, created November 17, 2011 at about 8:15 am. Not impressive on first glance? Consider that my site ranks first out of millions of sites with Grandpa Richard as a key […]

Get a Job at Google

First step? Assuming you have a decent GPA, or experience of use to Google, you need to understand the types of questions that they ask during an interview. Questions like, “How many golf balls can fit in a school bus?” Or, “Explain a database in three sentences to your eight-year-old nephew.” To see not only […]

Earth Hour

I just went to do a search on Google, and when I clicked on their link in “My Favourites”, the page came up black, with white lettering. My first thought was, “What happened to my monitor”. Then I saw the reference to Earth Hour. Are you turning the lights off/down?