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Do You Use a GPS When Driving?

Do you use a GPS when driving? If so, do not do what this man did. After driving off a ferry in Alaska, an unnamed man drove his car down a boat launch and ended up in water deep enough to submerge the car. With the help of a man who witnessed the incident, the […]

GPS: On The Other Hand!

You read a bad GPS story. Now let’s read a good GPS story. In my previous post you read how a GPS led to a lost couple in the Nevada wilderness. Now comes another GPS story about a car thief. Seems that 29-year-old Joshua stole a truck the other day. Unfortunately for him, the owner’s […]

Do Not Always Trust Your GPS

Another sad story of someone being led astray by their GPS. A couple on vacation in Nevada became lost when they followed their GPS unit down a side road off the highway. Their vehicle became stuck in an area that had no cell phone connectivity. After 3 days, the husband set out on foot with […]

Chilean Earthquake

According to research using GPS technology, parts of Chile moved 3 metres due to the recent earthquake. If that does not shock you, measure out 3 metres on your living room floor and picture the ground shifting that much in a very short time period. For those of you still using traditional British measurement methods, […]

Technology – Some Wins, Some Losses

A couple from Nevada, travelling through the high desert of Eastern Oregon, got stuck in snow for almost three days when their GPS unit sent them down a remote forest road. It sounds like the problem was that the GPS gave them a “shortest route” option that did not take into account winter conditions. Two […]