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Do You Buy Healthy Food?

Regular readers will know that I am both a healthy eater and that I claim to be able to shop for food in a VERY economical way. One part of the process is to buy items on sale. I received a sale flyer from one of my favourite grocery stores and wanted to comment on […]

Where are the cops when you need them?

Do people in grocery stores know how to drive? I went grocery shopping today and I was appalled at how careless people are with their carts. (I usually go in off hours when I know the traffic will be light) But I was a nice polite guy and merely said excuse me, except to that […]

Poor People and their Food

Statistics claim that poor people have poor diets. Diets loaded with too many calories and not enough fibre and nutrients. Grandpa Richard asks, “Why?” This was highlighted to me by a news story today out of Los Angeles. 73% of South Los Angeles restaurants are fast food establishments, compared to 42% in West Los Angeles. […]